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Absolutely," Rawsthorne concurs. Both men have already witnessed rather more than they bargained for. On their second patrol, on an otherwise quiet midweek evening, they stumbled across a spirited fight between two young men in a pub car park. Pearson managed to pull the combatants apart and calm them down. "We had to stand and watch," Hill recalls, ruefully. "But if they'd turned on him, we wouldn't have stood idly
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uld be converted to firearms.* US-bound Britons fly into security revolution * Independent: Blunkett offers criminals 'weekend jails'BONO URGES FIGHT AGAINST POVERTY AND AIDSWhether it was 'Sort it out, U2' (The Sun) or 'Over to U2' (The Mirror) the idea was clear: Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were called on by the pop singer Bono to help Africa. The U2 singer "set the [Labour party] conference alight" with a
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[/url]thing's been around since the days of the Model T, doesn't mean it's the model deli. It's just the oldest. The other major flaw of the list is its shifty system of inclusion. Ed Levine of seriouseats writes to me, "I love best of lists, but I'm always frustrated at the random incompleteness of the New York magazine... They write about best goat and forego writing about onion rings. I don't know how much sense that ma
[/url]ed. Those who had been in the World Trade Centre bombing in 1993 left and lived. There are two sisters who both lost their husbands. Husbands and wives who thought they lost each other until two days after the attack, when they found they were being treated in different hospitals. There is no self dramatisation in the way these stories are told. People talk candidly about what happened, perhaps better than the Britis

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