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wanted to see what you knew about her. Thanks." Dillingham is Todd Palin's hometown. His reply the next day is completely deleted in the documents released this week, with the word "Redacted" in its place. But the public can see Frye's reply, "Thank you.
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She said her biggest regret is that her mother, who died before the first book was even finished, much less published, never saw her success. Selected Reading: People, Oprah, jkrowling.Helen Sloan / HBO George R.R. Martin, author of A Game of Thrones, took to his blog last weekend to go on a rant against Republicans and "their Teabagger allies."In a blog p
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t 2 is just six short months from hitting theaters.As if we'd ever forget about BD! We can't wait to see Stewart as Robert Pattinson's newly minted vampire wife Bella.So, is the 22-year-old actress' bloodsucking transformation everything we're hoping it will be? READ: Is Jake Gyllenhaal Hooking Up With a Twilight Star?! "Vampire Bella is badass!" Noel Fisher, 28, who plays Romanian vampire Vladimir in the film, told us last night at the Holly
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w totally do as it opened up in theaters last night.So before you head to the cineplex this weekend and fight over some seats, take a peek at our helpful Avengers guide to get caught up on everything that's been going on with the movie up to this point. MORE: Watch all the action from the Avengers premiere! ArticlesMovie Review: The Avengers Is Simply SuperAvengers Attack! New York Times Critic A.O. Scott Responds to Samuel L. Jackson's Fury;u=20556

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