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be now's the time to splash out on some double-sided tape. PHOTOS: Celeb Wardrobe MalfunctionsFlorian Seefried/Getty Images How dare Adrien Brody improvise on a sketch comedy show!Rumors have been circling the Internet saying the actor was banned from hosting Saturday Night Live after his Rastafari character continuously ad-libbed, against producer Lorne Michaels wishes.Is it true? READ: Jonah Hill Pokes Fun at His Oscar Nom, Acts Like a 6-Ye
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or David Paterson with respect to his entitlement of a presumption of innocence until such time as the investigation is completed,'' said Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries of Brooklyn after the meeting. It's not a simple proposition. Even Paterson's longtime friends in his home base of Harlem give him only qualified and temporary support. Three top staffers have quit. And the group of black leaders weighing the future of the state's first black g
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cting debut in the 1992 stage comedy, This Is My Life, starring The Simpson's Julie Kavner.Her track record as a director was hit (John Travolta's Michael, the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan favorite You've Got Mail, Julie &amp; Julia) and miss (most notably, her 2005 attempt to recast Bewitched as a big-screen romantic-comedy for Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell). MORE: Rodney King Dead at 47 Julie &amp; Julia, for which Streep earned an Oscar nomination,
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t appreciate Dana Wilkey's "two boobs and a tiara" get-together with Kyle and Taylor Armstrong. Especially when she reveals that her 18-month-old is a boy genius. He reads. He speaks Thai. And the kid's a model with headshots.Only, later in the show he's seen wearing diapers, so apparently peeing and pooping in his pants is one thing the overachieving mama hasn't curbed yet. But don't worry, she's doing "encyclopedia training," so potty train ... e&u=180024

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