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15.42-percent anti-dumping duty and 15.24 percent of countervailing duty when exporting homemade products to the United States based on the final U.S. ruling.The ruling will also hurt the world solar market, said Darren Thompson,general manager of Yingli's European subsidiary."Higher prices of solar products spurred by punitive tariffs will harm normal development of the industry all over t
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ivil society groups and fears by ACP countries that cheaper EU manufactured goods will affect the pace of growth of their industries.Among the expected outcomes of the four-day meeting is a common plan and commitment for the ACP countries to align their trade policies with the global trade agreements."In terms of trade, this Africa land bridge will not only cut nearly six weeks the transit
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of Afghansitan, on June 7, 2012. Leon Panetta paid an unannounced visit to Afghanistan on Thursday. (Xinhua/Ahmad Massoud)KABUL, June 7 -- Visiting U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday said that Afghanistan has made progress in the pace of security transition and governance."The country (Afghanistan) has made significant progress in the transition to both Afghan security and go
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abwean official on Wednesday defended China's participation in Africa's development, saying that the participation of the Asian economic giant has eased the continent's debt burden.Desire Sibanda, the Economic Planning and Investment Promotion secretary, told Xinhua that Africa has benefitted more from its relationship with China than with its traditional partners, such as the World Bank, w
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