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l be a "mistake" if one side intends to push the other to come to negotiation table under "pressure."The Americans should notice Iran's rights and accept them, retreat from their positions against the Islamic republic and " correct their behavior" toward Iranians, said Ahmadinejad, maintaining that then they will receive "positive" response from the Islamic republic.Meanwhile, Iranian Forei
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s even though we are still in grief. This shows that the rule of law is really working and our democratic dispensation is growing," Larko added.Ghana was thrown into a state of shock and mourning when then President Mills died at the 37 Military Hospital in the nation's capital, shortly after being taken ill, on Tuesday, July 24.The country's parliament convened after being notified of the
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ibya during the next phase of its democratic transition, including the process of preparing a new constitution, promoting rule of law and protecting human rights, restoring public security, countering illicit arms proliferation and coordinating international assistance," the statement said.On Sunday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon congratulated the Libyan people on the country's national
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Pyongyang's main square on Sunday with a grand military parade to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of founding leader Kim Il Sung.(Xinhua/Zhang Li)Video>> DPRK holds parade to mark founder's 100th brithday Video>> DPRK marks 100th anniversary of Kim Il SungHit here to see more photosPYONGYANG, April 15 -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) staged massive ce
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