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e however, reported light to moderate rainfall over the past one week."If the atmosphere of the Indian subcontinent sees no disturbance in the next couple of days, full fledged monsoon will begin by June 15," said Rajendra Shrestha, senior meteorologist at the MFD. Usually, the monsoon, which hits the southern Indian state of Kerala on June 1, enters Nepal on June 10, Shrestha told Tuesday's Republica daily.According to Mani Ratna Shakya, chief of the MFD, farmers need not worry about the delay in monsoo
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or private, such as Syria TV, al-Ekhbaria and Addounai.The decision has been seen by the Syrian government as an attempt to mute the sound of the Syrians. The Syrian government has also said that the decision runs counter to the media laws in the entire world.The "partiality" of the AL decision was marked when the decision only included the state and pro-government media, but didn't include scores of the opposition TVs that keep disseminating news and reports overwhelmed with "hatred and sectarian" speec
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inces of North and South Kivu in DRC have witnessed increased fighting between government troops and the M23, which is composed of renegade soldiers who mutinied in April and are led by Bosco Ntaganda.The fighting has displaced more than 100,000 people, including many who have fled to neighboring Rwanda and Uganda.Earlier on Friday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he deeply regretted the death of a United Nations peacekeeper killed in the armed clash on Thursday.The secretary-general also expressed
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e trying to move them by all ways available. But the train is also limited, there is limited amount of trains traveling to the south, and IOM is using these trains for organizing movements. But it is a limited mode of transport to assist these people."It is estimated 500,000 southerners are still in the north since the South锟斤拷s independence in July last year. In order to apply for residence in the north, people need documents from South Sudan. The north has not put in place the system to legalise their s
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